Descript AI: A Review of the Cool Video and Podcast Editing Software

APP details

  • App name: Descript AI
  • Category: Video and podcast editing
  • Pricing structure: Free plan with some features, paid plans starting from $12 per month
  • Publisher: Descript Inc.
  • Compatibility: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Web
  • Competitors: Adobe Audition, Audacity, Camtasia, Otter.ai, etc.
  • How they compare to competitors: Descript AI claims to offer a more simple, powerful, and fun audio and video editing experience than its competitors. It allows you to transcribe, edit, and share your audio and video recordings as easily as a doc. It also provides you with features such as overdub (AI voice cloning), screen recording, clip creation, and podcasting.
  • Use case: Descript AI is perfect for podcasters, video creators, educators, and anyone who needs to create and edit audio and video content. It can also be used by anyone who wants to learn new audio and video editing skills and technologies.


  • Podcast Editing – 4.1
  • AI – 5.0 
  • Customer support – 3.5
  • Documentation – 5.0 
  • UI/UX – 4.0
  • Score – 4.32


Our take: If you are just getting started with creating podcasts, YouTube videos, and other social content, and you want to get it done fast, then Descript is a great tool to get started with. But if you are one that is passionate about the art of editing videos and you have a good grasp of tools Adobe Premiere, you might want to stick with those. 


  • Affordable pricing 
  • Free version 
  • Easy to use 
  • Documentation and tutorials available to guide 
  • Remote recording 
  • Editing can be fast using the tool 
  • Supports collaborations with team members 
  • Works with other tools like Adobe Premiere pro, Google Drive, Zoom etc.


  • Overdub is only available to Pro users 
  • The app is available only in English 
  • There are still issues with the transcription accuracy; trouble transcribing speech with heavy accents, low quality, or challenging vocabulary



Descript AI is a software that allows you to create and edit audio, video, and text content with ease. You can use Descript AI to record, transcribe, edit, mix, and share your content in a simple and intuitive interface.


Overview of Descript AI

Descript AI is a software that makes audio and video editing a breeze. It uses AI and machine learning to turn audio and video files into text documents that you can edit like a doc. You can also record, collaborate, and share your projects using Descript AI.

Descript AI is different from other audio and video editing software because it has a text-based editing interface, AI features like voice cloning and automatic captioning, and collaborative features like comments and real-time collaboration.

Descript AI can be used for various purposes and industries like podcasting, video production, screen recording, and transcription.


Features of Descript AI


  • Composer: This is where you can edit your audio or video files by editing text transcripts. You can cut, copy, paste, delete, or rearrange words or sentences to edit the audio or video content. You can also add effects or transitions to your tracks.
  • Overdub: This is where you can create or use synthetic voices to make speeches from text. You can clone your own voice or choose from stock voices to create realistic text-to-speech audio. You can also use Overdub to fix mistakes or add words to your audio recordings without re-recording. 

  • Studio: This is where you can work with others on your projects. You can invite collaborators to view or edit your projects in real time. You can also leave comments or feedback on specific parts of the transcript or track. You can also track changes and go back to previous versions of your projects.
  • Automatic transcription: Descript AI can transcribe your audio and video files into text in minutes. You can choose from different languages and accents, and adjust the transcription accuracy and speed. You can also import transcripts from other sources or create them manually. 

  • Collaboration: Descript AI enables you to collaborate with others on your projects. You can invite others to view, comment, or edit your content. You can also share your content with anyone via a link or export it to different formats and platforms. 
  • Screen recording: Capture your screen and voice with Descript AI. Record your presentation, tutorial, demo, or webinar and transcribe it into text. Edit your screen recording by editing the text transcript. Add captions, annotations, and transitions to enhance your video. Export your screen recording to different formats or share it with your viewers via a link. 


User Interface 


Descript AI user interface is simple and intuitive. It consists of three main sections: the side panel, the transcript editor, and the timeline.

The Side Panel: The Side panel allows you to create, open, and manage your projects. Also, you see all the tools you need here.



The transcript editor: The transcript editor shows you the text transcription of your audio or video content. You can edit your content by editing the text, adding comments, corrections, or effects.



The timeline: The timeline shows you the waveform of your audio or video content. You can zoom in or out, adjust the volume, or add tracks. You can also switch between different views and modes, such as screen recording, overdub, or publishing.




Descript has a free plan which comes with some features like transcription, watermarked videos, and a limited stock library. Other advanced features come with the Creator, Pro, and Enterprise Plans. The Creator plan starts at $12/per month per user, the Pro $24/per month per user, and the Enterprise plan is a custom plan.



Final thought

So, what’s the verdict on Descript? Should you sign up for it or not? Well, it depends on what you’re looking for.

If you love editing videos and know how to use tools like Adobe Premiere, you might want to stick with what you know.

But if you’re new to editing or more interested in creating content (and getting it out there fast) than in editing itself, Descript might be just what you need. You can do most of what you want with Descript, and it’s easier to learn than traditional video editing software.

Either way, learning any video editing software is a good skill to have. No doubt Descript will inspire other platforms like Adobe to add text-based editing to their features. And it is possible that Descript will keep adding more features and making its timeline more flexible. 


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