Ogimi meditation app: Is it worth the hype? Our review

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APP details:

Device: web browser, chrome extension, mobile, and desktop

Category: Health and Fitness (AI meditation)

Pricing structure: Free to use. Unlimited functions for premium @ $9.99/Month

Publisher: Ogimi Labs, Inc.

Age10+ (Our editor’s recommendation)

Software requirement: Works on all web-based devices including mobile

Our take: A mix of AI guidance, relaxing music, and structured meditation. Although it’s a cool meditation app with a slight twist with AI, it’s not as far advanced as all other AI meditation software out there.

Ease of use: 5.0/5.0

Support/Documentation: 1.0/5.0

Design: 4.5/5.0

User Interface: 5.0/5.0

Our Score: 3.8/5.0

The breakdown


  • AI-generated personalized meditations that cater to individual needs
  • User-friendly interface and dashboard
  • Progress tracking and points system provides an incentive for consistent practice
  • Comparison with friends and top meditators fosters community and competition
  • Chrome Extension and web app offer accessibility for users who prefer to meditate on their web browser
  • Affordable pricing for premium accounts compared to other meditation apps on the market


  • Limited documentation or help section for users who may have questions or need guidance
  • The free account has limited access to features such as a variety of music for meditation and live meditation coaching

I. Introduction

Personalized guided meditations from Ogimi, a personal mindfulness coach that helps with focus, emotions, and relationships while easing anxiety, stress, and tension. We’ll look at the characteristics, advantages, and general potency of Ogimi in this review.

II. Background Information

Personalized meditation sessions are created based on user feedback by Ogimi, an AI-powered meditation app. It provides recorded, unguided, and AI-generated meditations customized to each user’s individual needs. It is intended to aid people in enhancing their mental health and well-being.

III. Features and Functionality

Ogimi offers a wide range of features that help users improve their meditation practice, including:

Intuitive dashboard: Ogimi has an intuitive dashboard that gives you a glance at everything you’ve achieved through your meditation sessions and journey. It is easy to use and offers valuable information about the number of points collected, the sessions you’ve done, the streak, the total time spent meditating, and the consistency measurement (how consistent have you been through your meditation journey).

AI-generated personalized meditations: Based on user feedback, Ogimi designs customized meditation sessions that are unique and catered to the individual’s requirements. You simply input what you’d like help with for the session and Ogimi creates a personalized session for you.

Recorded guided meditations: For those just learning how to meditate, Ogimi provides recorded guided meditations. You just have to pick from the numerous recorded sessions as there is one for any situation you wish to address.

Unguided meditations: Ogimi also offers you meditations where you can set your preference, your music, and the time you want to meditate. You only have access to the Ambient music collection if you are on the free plan.

Progress tracking: Ogimi tracks users’ meditation streaks and awards points for regular practice, providing an incentive to maintain a consistent practice.

Points systemOgimi offers you points for every session you take. It rewards you for your consistency and completing your meditation.

Chrome Extension: If you are one that loves working on your web browser most of the time, you can still have time for meditation via the Chrome extension. Ogimi offers a Chrome extension that you can easily access from your browser. If this doesn’t work for you, you can easily use the web app.

Comparison with friends and top meditators (Leaderboard): Users can compare their practice with friends and top meditators, fostering a sense of community and competition.

CoachesOgimi offers collaboration opportunities for coaches, life coaches, personal development coaches, fitness instructors, and wellness influencers. If you fall into any of these categories, click Here to fill out the form and reach out to them.

IV. User Interface and Design

Talk about an intuitive UI, Ogimi’s user interface is cool, calming, and easy to use. Even a beginner can easily navigate the web app without having any issues. The web app is user-friendly and you can easily see all the features. Also, it has a dashboard that is easy to understand and gives you all the needed information.

V. Performance and Reliability

During testing, Ogimi performed well, generating personalized meditations that were appropriate to the user’s feedback. The app did not experience any major issues or bugs, and the AI-generated meditations were of high quality.

VI. AI Technology

The main characteristic that distinguishes Ogimi from other meditation apps is its AI technology. The customized meditations produced by AI are quite successful and catered to the individual needs of the user. Users are encouraged to continue their meditation practices by the AI technology’s ability to evaluate their development and assess how their technique compares to others. Also, Ogimi offers points as a way to motivate users.

VII. Customer Support and Documentation

As of now, there is no documentation on how to use the app, though the user interface is easy to understand, there is no help section. They only have social links to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter where users can ask questions and seek guidance.

VIII. Pricing and Value

Ogimi provides a free-to-use account or users can subscribe to “Monk Mode” (The premium account) which costs $9.99. The monthly subscription fee of $9.99 is comparable to that of other meditation applications available on the market. The app is a good investment for anybody trying to improve their mental health and well-being because of its features and individualized approach. You can also enjoy the free account but you won’t have access to a variety of music for meditation, you will only have limited AI-guided sessions, and no live meditation coaching.

Final thought

Overall, Ogimi is a highly effective meditation app that offers personalized meditation sessions tailored to individual needs. Its AI technology, progress tracking, and comparison features make it an ideal choice for those looking to improve their mental health and well-being. The user-friendly interface and comprehensive customer support also make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their mindfulness practice. However, users may find limited documentation or assistance with the free account and may miss out on certain features compared to the premium account. Ogimi is an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their mindfulness practice.

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